XII Appeared students

Name of Program VEGA/ वेगा

For Students XII Appeared students
Target exam JEE main 2018
Medium Both English and Hindi
Duration 1 Year
Course Description To clear any exam, is not a very hard task. But to pass it and attain your goal with a good rank, getting admission in a prestigious college is what is important. If you are intelligent, hard working, and an ambitious student, who wants to become an engineer from a good engineering institute, this course is just right for you. Throughout the year long duration, we prepare you with a single focus on your goal, i.e. to clear JEE and BITSAT with a very good tank. The links in your concepts, missing till now or in doubt, are cleared and this gives you a new self confidence and assurance. You are fully prepared to meet the exams on the All India level with enhanced skills, so that you can achieve your goal.


Schedule and yearly fees (English Medium ) Class start from

·         11-05-2017,

·         01-06-2017,

·         25-06-2017,

·         01-07-2017,

·         01-08-2017


Fees ₹ 55,000 +ST (for New Student)

Fees ₹ 50,000 +ST  (for Old TA Student)

Schedule and yearly fees

(Hindi Medium)

Class start from

·         11-05-2017

·         01-06-2017

·         25-06-2017

·         01-07-2017

·         01-08-2017

Fees ₹ 51,000 +ST  (for New Student)

Fees ₹ 48,000 +ST  (for Old TA Student)