Triumph Academy





Over the last ten years, Triumph Academy has firmly established itself as an institution which has become a symbol of quality learning for those aspirants appearing in the entrance examinations of the prestigious IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges. Recently, a medical wing for the preparation of NEET, has also been added, to prepare aspirants to become good and responsible doctors. The entire focus of the Academy is to prepare students for their future so that they make a success of their lives.

Triumph Academy felt the strong need for quality education  and proper guidance for young aspirants to become successful technocrats. The main aspect that makes TA stand out is that compromise on quality is not tolerated. The Faculty consists of experienced and dedicated teachers, who themselves have graduated from the IITs, NITs etc. and are qualified doctors and engineers. Their dedication and stability provides the right ambience to the students, who are motivated to put in that extra effort which makes all the difference. The serious environment is very conductive for studies and helps the students to put in their best.

Message from the Academy

After considering various possibilities for the future, The fact that you are here, means that you are seriously considered to be an engineer by profession or on the other end – a medical doctor of repute. But, there decisions are worthless unless you are determined to gain admission with a good rank, in an institution its mettle.

To get into a good institution, you must remember that the competition is immense and growing. To achieve success in the entrance exams (with a good rank) will require specialized skills and personalized training.

We, at TA, help you to acquire the specialized skills. The approach is two pronged. The first is that constant motivation is important, we help you to develop your confidence in yourself, strengthen your determination to achieve your goal, make hard work look easy, and above all, help you to maintain your focus on the goal.

We ask you to place your trust in us and our methodology. We will take you by the hand, teach you to set small goals, achieve them and then follow them will bigger ones. The going will be tough. Each goal will require extra efforts. But over time, this extra efforts become a habit. We will teach you to conduct your studies in a systematic and scientific matter, for, haphazard studies do not serve any purpose. We will encourage you to interact with your teachers and clear your doubts / problems on a daily basis.

At all times, you must keep in mind that the methodology of teaching and scoring in the school and at the All India Level, are two different things. It has always been our intrinsic belief that the school studies for the Board Exams are as important as the entrance exams. As the syllabai for both exams are the same, but the treatment different, we take extra efforts to import knowledge in both the streams. Thus, the CBSE treatment and the entrance exam treatment go hand in hand.

Remember, you have two support systems actively working for you. One your family. You don’t have to worry about your fees, food, daily chores etc. second. the academics. This we take care off.
However, in the ultimate analysis, (the second and most important approach) both the systems can show you the way, motivate you, solve your problems – but, the own individual motivation and focus has to be from inside you. It should be like a burning desire to achieve what you have focused on, pushing you to do better and better till you do not need any external motivation. Learn to love what you are doing. Become totally and completely immersed in your subjects. Pure dedication is what is required. Trust us, and we will guide you on the right path.