Nitin Motiani
JEE-09 AIR 198
Two years ago when I joined Triumph Academy, I was a bit afraid because I always heard that one should lock oneself in a room with books for two years and throw away the key if one wants to make it to IITs.

But today as a would-be student of computer science & engineering at IIT – MADRAS, I look back & really feel surprised to see how enjoyable, lovely, pleasant & satisfying it was for me to prepare for IIT-JEE, India’s toughest examination! During two years I never felt any need to be a bookworm because the faculty it T.A. doesn’t rely on going through all the books & attempting all the possible questions on earth. The teachers at T.A. emphasize on understanding the basic concepts & their applications in all problems.

The exclusive, highly experienced faculties, who have already undertaken the journey, will guide you at each step of your way. Come, join the team that will make you achieve your dream; have faith in the process, and hoist the sails so that the winds of success fill it!

All the teachers focused on the development of mental ability & logical aptitude of students. They inculcated in me curiosity to understand each & every topic – inside out & that is why I loved studying for JEE.

At times I felt low in confidence. I used to feel, sometimes, that I was good for nothing. In that situation, all my teachers, motivated me & boosted my confidence. They made me believe in myself & in the fact that I was good enough for JEE.

The tests at T.A. mentally prepared me for all competitive exams. That’s why I was never under pressure during JEE & other exams.

It was my dream to get through JEE & I did it after two years of joyful hard work. But now I feel a bit sad too, because I am going to miss two years of JEE preparation at T.A., the most memorable & promising period of my life.

I thank T.A. & give my best wishes to all my juniors at T.A.

Sanyam Goyal
JEE-06 AIR 48
AIEEE-06 AIR 827
The most promising period of my life so far happened during the time I was at TA, initially I was not sure whether I made the correct decision to opt for TA, that was the time when “Kota Hype” was at it’s best. But in just one month there, I was sure that I didn’t do anything wrong. Imagine a teacher trying to solve the problem with you, what great perception you get for the problem. besides I didn’t had to fix any appointment to ask for doubts, all I did was just “knock the door”, and I did it many times and with each time well received. The teachers there has great knowledge and always encouraging you with your problems.

Now being third year student of IITB with a great rank at JEE, I feel on top of the world, this was a significant change in my life. Life here at IIT is quite different, there is still a lot to do, But you never forget those days when a the “sounds of quiz create anxiety” a “class at 7 AM”, “an Exam on Sunday” and manymore. I still remember each and every test that I gave at TA, and I felt nothing different on JEE day.

With all this I wish that TA and all my juniors at TA achieves greatest of success.

Devesh Maheshwari
JEE-06 AIR 48
AIEEE-06 AIR 827
When i joined TA i was very worried whether i will b able to adjust with other students and with the faculties as i was from a hindi medium background. But the course plan at TA was so good and organized that i never faced a problem being a hindi medium student. Personal attention and special problem classes helped me with my preprations alot. Ashish Sir have a very unique way of teaching and were always ready to help and support and Teacher was always there to boost up my confidence, discuss my personal problems and always gave me a moral support. Also the scholarship policy at Triumph was of great help. The credit for my success goes to the faculties at TA, it wouldnt have been possible without their support.

Prasun Jain
JEE-04 AIR 638
AIEE-04 AIR 122
B.Tech IIT-Delhi
Preparing for IIT-JEE is like being a monk and performing a tapsaya. In this long and rigorous journey your teachers and mentors are the ones who keep you right on the track and moving forward with the right speed and in the right direction. Having passed out of IIT Delhi now, i still remember that it was the Faculty at TA which believed in me and inspired me to crack IIT JEE. Triumph Academy as a gurukul had shown tremendous faith in me and my capabilities. In the long run that has been one of most important and motivational aspect of my JEE Preparation days.

The amount of guidance, mentorship and counselling i got here was the most important and differentiating factor which put TA in a very high esteem. That being said, the course material, lectures and test which i received here was one of the most well researched and amply sufficient to crack the JEE with top laurels. It was my best decision and i still cherish my time at TA.

Somesh Jain
JEE-08 AIR 645
AIEEE-08 AIR 1138
RPET Rank 7
Triumph Academy ( TA) is a centre of Academic Excellence. What make TA unique are the faculty and the students who are perfect compliment to each other. It was a golden opportunity for me to study under the guidance of the best teachers in their respective fields. TA gave me ample opportunity to grow and helped me to define my beliefs and envision my future. It fine tuned my personality and taught me how to learn every day. TA persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis. While studying at TA I have been blessed with a solid academic foundation with which to enter the IIT. The level of teaching at TA has helped me to achieve my targeted goal.

My love for TA is like a canvas furnished by study material and embroidered by Sir Ratnesh and Ashish. My heartfelt wishes for the success of TA and all its students !

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan
JEE-08 AIR 653
AIEEE-08 AIR 284
Everybody needs a correct path for success. Without a good guidance & sincere dedication nobody can go through his way. For me preparation for JEE was very difficult before joining Triumph Academy. But after coming to TA I found me wrong & I got the right path for my goal. At TA teachers are highly qualified & interactive. All three directors were very helpful. The environment at TA, the study material provided by TA, weekly quizzes and regular tests helped us a lot in our improvement. The way of teaching was very productive and interesting. A teacher is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. The faculty of TA led us towards the right direction. The interaction of teachers with students was excellent and fruitful. They helped me to crack IIT-JEE.

I thank my parents, all the faculties at TA and Triumph Academy itself for my success in IIT-JEE 2008. It was Triumph Academy which motivated me and supported to secure a good rank in IIT JEE. I will always be thankful to TA for giving me such opportunity.

Siddharth Kabra
JEE-06 AIR 771
AIEEE-06 AIR 693
(State Rank 166)
BITSAT-06 – 390
Triumph Academy was in its initial stages when I passed my 10th board exams. I was in a state of dilemma that almost every student preparing for IIT-JEE undergoes after 10th, to choose between plethoras of coaching institutes for the same. I was suggested by many to go to the mecca for IIT-JEE, Kota, saying that they have got a formula of making an IIT-ian. But I met the faculty at TA (at that time, consisted mainly of Ashish Sir and Ratnesh Sir). After meeting them I had the feeling and the confidence that they have got the meat of what it needs to be an excellent guide for an exam of the JEE stature. The others can be, at best, at par with them. They, being IIT graduates themselves, have the right attitude and approach towards the exam.

Finally, I decided for giving the next two crucial years in their hands, preparing under their guidance and having the comfort of being at home at the same time. These two years helped boost my confidence further. The constant counseling and personal attention at TA proved to be extremely significant. These are the edges that TA has over the bulky batches in Kota. The result at the end of two years was heartwarming as I cleared JEE (AIR-771) and finally with the help of their counseling got Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. The decision of joining TA was one of the best decisions I have made. I owe my success to the faculty at TA.

Ankur Maloo
JEE-06 AIR 662
AIEEE–06 AIR 971
Triumph Academy is not like other coaching institute where teachers just come and give lecture for an hour without any interest in knowing whether students are getting it or not. Here teachers care about student’s interest and are more friendly and helping. Faculty at TA is very good and I would like to give them an equal credit as I m giving to me for my success in both IIT and AIEEE. TA provides a good study material and test series and there is no need of any other books or references besides that. Physics at TA is best .

Saahil Nagrani
JEE-08 AIR 928
AIEEE-08 AIR 156
“First of all, I would like to thank God Almighty for granting me success in the IIT-JEE.” This is what most of the students say after qualifying in an exam (IIT-JEE is a particular example).But I would say, “I would like to thank God Almighty for providing the inspiration to the ‘Terrific Trio’ (of Ashish sir) so that they establish an academy by the name Triumph Academy (TA) which weaves the dreams of young minds to be in one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country and the world, the IIT.”

One of the best things about being at TA is that they never let you feel that you are preparing for the most torturous and the most demanding competitive examinations in history of mankind. Whenever I felt that I had lost zeal towards IIT-JEE, someone or the other from the faculty was there to boost me up and get me going again.

As compared to other coaching institutes, the teaching here is so good and relevant that it makes the IIT-JEE seem like a cakewalk (even though it is not so). The relevance of the studies with the course of IIT-JEE makes the task seem somewhat less tedious. There were these timely lectures by the Trio (we called it the ‘Gyan Baantna’ session) that inspired us to work hard for getting into the IITs. There were those discussion sessions among the students after 4-5 hours of tedious (and sometimes sleepy) classes. There were those night outs in order to complete the sheets provided. This is my experience regarding the studies at TA during two of the toughest years of my life yet.

Ritika Tawani
JEE-06 AIR 1254
AIEEE-06 AIR 727
B.Tech III Year
IIT – Bombay
Triumph Academy(TA).. The place where I spent the most fabulous and important days of my life. I can never forget the friendly and parental guidance of the teachers who were always there when I needed. They ensured that I never lose my track and consistently motivated me to achieve my goal. Each and every second I spent at TA was a great learning experience.

The study material and the quality of teaching provided at TA are amongst the best in the field. The concepts are cleared so thoroughly that it is difficult to forget them even in your dreams :).

It was not just about academics, TA also helped me to build a good personality and improve my confidence levels. I express my sincere gratitude towards everyone associated with TA. My heartfelt wishes for the success of TA and all its students !

Akshat Agarwal
JEE-05 AIR 1860
AIEEE-05 AIR 1135
B.Tech IIT-Bombay
Placed in Sabre Holdings
I’ve had the privilege to be associated with TA since its foundation in 2002. It all started when three technocrats, freshly graduated from IITD in 2000, decided to dedicate their lives to realize our dreams of getting into IIT. I still remember, it was somewhere in class IX, that I realized I want to go for JEE after X. However, somehow the idea of going to Kota nauseated me; since I was pretty sure I’d be lost in thousands of students with strength of 100-150 per batch. Then fortunately TA came to my rescue. The best part was that the batch strength was so low, that sometimes it annoyed me as I often found Teacher peeping in my register and I didn’t know the solution :).

Talking about the faculty, there is a little doubt that Teacher here is one of the best faculties around for physics. He has all the time in the world for his students, however busy he may be. He was the one who kept me motivated when I got low scores in tests. He told us to introspect regularly, the practice which helped me a great deal in achieving my goals. Maths was dealt by Ashish Sir. He’s very cheerful and it was fun being in his class.

All in all, I owe my success to these three gurus. My gratitude to them is as boundless as the Pacific Ocean!