For Students moving from XI to XII Class
Target exam JEE main +Advanced 2018
Medium Both English and Hindi
Duration 1 Years during XII
Name of Program SWIFT (for English Medium)/तीव्र (for Hindi Medium)
Course Description If, due to unawareness or some other reason, you missed out the first year and you still think you are capable enough to prepare swiftly for JEE along with class XII studies, this course is just for you. In this course you will not be taught class XI PCM syllabus. However it will be covered through regular tests, quizzes and revision tests and study material of class XI will be provided. If you want to deal with specific topics of class XI, provision to attend classes in the Ambition batch is made.
SWIFT Class start from 01-04-2017,

Fees – ₹ 90,000 +ST



तीव्र Class start from 2/5/2017 Fees ₹ 55,000+ST